What do you understand with the word "Pollution"?

No, Not enough if you getting pollution means the acid in air quality. Waste mix water, Load speaker & horn. As you did see in your school books. But pollution more dangerous than our definitions. Do you understand what I mean? Many newspapers, Blogs, Books, and articles have been continually writing on pollution. But what did we learn? Nothing. Because We can't go to solve this problem seriously. Numerous peoples died every year with bothering diseases that only occurred with pollution. You have seen various Schools and  Universities are starting campaigns against pollution to clean and pure the environment. However, What is the results? We can clearly see. Why this happening. We must find a root? Yes I am not the only man who can handle this problem. This needs big coordination of communities in the whole world. Don't mind if I am saying here "Humans always find a solution after a big accident" Why we are waiting for a big tragedy? Thin

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The Lesson on Practice You Must Read

Before starting anything, The one point that I want to clear. Please note the practice is the only thing that covert efforts into success. Even you can see thousands of legendary examples from historical resources or on the internet.   What is practice basically? A lot of people underestimate the power of the practice. But "practice" more than their thoughts. Nobody explains its ultimate results in words. Because practice can only be assumed or measure as per efforts. The practice is also about doing one thing multiple times. I would like to ask one question from you. Simply, What do you want to become? Think in mind, Whatever, Doctor, Teacher, Pilot, Engineer or anything other. But you must know for all fields the important aspect is necessary. The determination of practice. It can include Study and Research.  Worlds top university are already proved that you can learn anything with a strong practice.  "So, Here one mantra for all success: PRAC